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Aug 27

16th Split Film Festival

Sixteenth Split Film Festival, International Festival of New Film, will be held from 10th to 17th of September. The film projections will be held in cinemas Central, Karaman and Zlatna vrata.

16th Split Film Festival

During the festival, in the official competition, 40 short and 10 feature films, by directors from all over the world, will be projected . The competition of short films will, this year, include films from Italy, Mexico, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Taiwan, France, Canada, Finland and Croatia. 

Besides the feature and short film competition, Split Film Festival this year offers a series of side events, lectures, roundtables and other events . Domestic and foreign participants will be able to, before beginning of festival, from 29th of August to 10th of September, participate in the Bela Tarr's workshop on theme 'Fishes'. 
During the workshop, participants will write a script, find the location, shoot and edit a short film. The festival program will also include the Austrian Film Week which will screen the films of five directors as well as the presentation of the film 'Semiotic ghosts' by Gerald Weber. 
In Erotica ITD there are six titles prepared for viewers including one made by the French director Tachou Frederic presenting himself by film 'The primitive pornographic film». In programme «Reflections 2011.» mainly French directors will be presented. 
As part of festival, in the exhibition hall of the House of youth will be opened an exhibition of new media called «Robotic sculptures» by Freerk Wieringe. 
The festival will present also the internet projects, interactive mini-installations, performances and the retrospectives of national and foreign authors, and visitors will be able to participate in lectures, workshops and occasional interviews. The film projections will be held in cinemas Central, Karaman and Zlatna vrata.


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