Advertising on "splitculture"


To reach 50 million users, radio "needed" 38 years , television 13years, television, Internet 4 years.

By advertising on the portal Splitculture you will 'hit' a group of people whose interest lies in the domain of culture and cultural tourism.

The advantages of the Internet as an advertising medium

Unlike traditional media (television, radio, newspapers), Internet advertising has the following characteristics:
Effectiveness: an adverstising campaign on the Internet are more effective than campaigns in traditional media with respect to the number of readers, at lower cost.
Fast results: advertising on the portal in a very short period of time will increase it number of visits on your website time thus enabling bigger sell of your products and services.
Interactivity: advertisers and users on the Internet can communicate with each other bi-directional.
Wide range: The ads published on the World Wide Web can be seen worldwide.

Methods of advertising on "splitculture"

Oglašavanje na portalu se realizira se na 4 načina:

Advertising on the portal is implemented in 4 ways: rotating banners, fixed banners, sponsored article and placing on an interactive city map.

Banners are displayed at exactly agreed time period, and are visible on home and every page of the portal. For all information and prices of banners please contact our marketing team.

Sponsored article appears on home page and remain permanently in a specific section in its original form. Sponsored article is an ideal way of promotion because it is extremely effective. Position on home page (on the announcement of a new article, sponsored article is moving up one place) and permanent housing on the board, ensures you greater reach to the users themselves and ensbles the simplest way of presenting your services or products. The article can include photos / illustrations, and a link to your website. It is also possible to highlight your logo with a link at the bottom of the article, if required. Out of consideration of our customers, sponsored article must carry a minimum mark sponsored article" at the bottom.

Set on an interactive map Your company icon is set to the exact location on Split map, which enables user, by clicking your icon (location), seeing opened gallery and description of firm services.

There is a possibility of making video.


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