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Jul 31

Come on Split! Let's party!

Come on Split! Lets party! These words of French, but also the world's DJ star, producer and remixer David Guetta invited about 20 thousand fans to indulge in music.

Come on Split! Let's party!

The concert began at around 21.00 with performances by many famous DJs such as DJ Chuckie, Aron, Sunnery James and Glenn Morrison, and currently one of the world's biggest DJ stars, began his performance around 1.00 after midnight, and - from huge and spectacular stage erected for the occasion on the Split beach Žnjan - picked ovations of his fans. Audiences of all ages from many cities not only Croatian, but also from abroad was a fiery, extatic, dancing. Guetta has, to the satisfaction of the audience, made a fair show of about 2 ½ hours, and beside globally popular hits, performed a few titles from the new album which will be released in August. Although tickets cost 330 or 450 HRK, and VIP seats were sold at 7,200 HRK, apparently everything was sold out a few weeks before the show. In order to make the musical stage show at Guetta performance level, his technical equipe brought in Split seven truckloads of equipment, which is four times more than for his last year's performance in Zagreb Arena. They have buy off a part of technical equipment from Cirque de Soleil, so in Split arrived spectacular elements such as the largest LED wall in the area, a robot with special effects and similar. Due to the high ticket price, many Guetta fans remained on the other side of the fence. However, around 15 thousand of them, were not too unhappy, because the music from Žnjan could be heard in almost every part of city. Guetta is the biggest star among the DJs with five nominations and two Grammy Awards won, 18 millions sold records.That he is an artist who left the biggest mark on the DJ music in the first decade of the new millennium, testifies millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook, and more than 500 million hits on YouTube. King of Ibiza – is author of hits like "When Love Takes Over," "Sexy Bitch", "I Gotta Feeling", "Who's That Chick," "One Love", "Sweat," "Party & Bullshit", "Acapella" "Revolver," "Memories", "Getting Over You," "Club Can not Handle Me," "The World Is Mine," "Just a Little More Love", "Stay," "How Soon Is Now," " Love Do not Let Me Go. " On the day of the concert Guetta used his spare time to visit central dalmatian islands by yacht.


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