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Sep 1

DORF opened new season of Cinematheque

Cinematheque “Zlatna Vrata” on the beginning of the season opened the door to Split cinemaphils with cycle of ten films from the Documentary rock film festival in Vinkovci.

DORF opened new season of Cinematheque

The first shown film was "Dolgcajt" directed by Igor Zupa from Slovenia, the first title of the project about the most important albums of Slovenian rock. It is understood that we are talking about the band "Pankrti". In the film we follow the events through the eyes of a true band fan, Marin Rosic and with a lot of interviews with protagonists and witnesses of these events from the time of forming of this first rebellious punk band whose influence is felt even today, and trough the story of a temporal context and the impact that such a revolution had on civil society, the spirit of the times and the context in which all happened is reconstructed, the year when Tito died, and when nothing could remain the same. The film is a DORF winner from 2007, a critique that says: "Just like punk of PANKRTI, the film is dynamic, fast and direct." The same day the film "Radio Apocaliptico" directed also by the Slovenian director Marko Cvejic was projected. The author deals with the phenomenon of heavy metal which in these area has its bright moments, including the legendary Metal Camp, in the Slovenian town of Tolmin, where each year 15 000 metalheads gather residing among his "conservative" residents. From both angles the encounter of diversity objectively observed the journalist Janez Janša. At last year’s DORF the film has won a special jury prize and award of Art Kino audience in Rijeka. 

The day after the films "The first real female sound" and "Three colours of revolution” were shown. Eighty-minute documentary about women's music scene was directed by Serbian author Brankica Drašković, who dealt with the phenomenon of the Novi Sad band "Boye". ”This band has, in the early eighties”, says the author, “revived the a female spirit side of the yugoslav rock'n'roll scene, with full knowledge of the type of music they have chosen, has won its place in the hitherto exclusively "male" stage and imposed itself as one of the original and refreshing appereances. The drector of the film treats persistence, consistency and the feminine principle as part of a wider cultural and social context in which they evolved. The film is last year's DORF winner. 

"Three colors of revolution" is the name of the omnibus from the first workshop of documentary films DORF '08, made in 4 days of the festival duration, when 8 participants shot 3 stories, under the mentorship of Silvije Mirošničenko, and we're talking about stories about Koprivnica punk rockers "Overflow", an academic artist from Vinkovci Marko Šošić and the first all-girl punk group "Punčke". The production of this 27-minute documentary signs Vinkoačka televizija, but experts say that this title proves that great film can be shot in a short time can save a great movie. 

At half-time of five-day presentations of the DORF’s best films, the film "Vlada” by Slovenian director Rudi Uranus was projected. This documentary deals with "one of the most important participants in the legendary New Wave, Vlada Divljan from “The Idols." But even though it is dedicated to Divljan, the film is more focused on events in recent times and provides a portrait of the artist from his foiign worker phase, his stay in Austria and Australia. 

The only film shoot during life of Satan Pannonian is signed by Milorad Milinkovic from Serbia. "Satan Pannonian " is also the director's graduation work in which he presents band performance in SKC, being gues of the iconic Fleka on Radio B92, the conversation in an apartment ... It all ends with never shown scenes from the hospital Popovača. 

 On Thursday and Friday another four films will be shown: "Ako nikoj ne sviri" by Gjorgij Janevski, "Oči u magli " directed by Nina and Jadranka Pongrac, "Kike Turmix" by Roger Sommerseth and "Noise Slawonische Kunst" by Slobodan Sijan and Stjepan Pete. DORF Program in Split is a real treat not just for cinemaphils buffs, but also for fans of alternative music scene. 

 Vesna Božanić-Serdar


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