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Sep 29

Exhibition by Ivo Pervan

05.09.11. in palace Milesi the exhibition of photographs by Ivo Pervan titled "Šibenik"is opened.

Exhibition by Ivo Pervan

"Šibenik" – is the name of a new exhibition of one of our most prominent landscape photographer Ivo Pervan. The master of photography, 'navigating' through this picturesque town has seen and with his camera has recorded about 800 photos, a Department of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Split, has enough space to receive a selection of sixty photographs. - 

The attention should be paid to city sights, acclimatize to it, feel the pulse, see what others can not see. Everybody's talking about Dubrovnik, as of the most beautiful city on the coast. Dubrovnik is beautiful, but let's not forget that Šibenik is one of the 5 most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean. He is a very photogenic city and an inexhaustible source of inspiration to every artist, said Ivo Pervan, who has been, for almost two years, taking photos of Šibenik and its beauty. 
The beginnings of his dealing with photography can be found back in high school days, in modest circumstances, which have not at all bother his creativity. His photographs are used by publishers of tourist publications, and particularly sought are his photographs of cultural heritage. "It is not without reason," he writes in the catalog, "as long as the cultural and natural heritage is his primarily interest in photography, the desire to preserve the image of the history of our nation. He has more than 2.000 photos, winner of numerous prestigious international and national awards, among which is the Order of Croatian Danica with figure of Marko Marulić for outstanding contribution to Croatian culture. 
Pervan’s photos of Sibenik awaken the sleeping selfconsciousness and encourage, maybe jugulated, sense of pride: despite the crisis period this city has a timeless beauty, as written in the exhibition catalog. All its attractions, its people, interesting sights, the moments of glory, his everyday life - are written and powerfully underlined. " 

Vesna Božanić Serdar


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