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Sep 7

Exhibition by Nick Veasey - X-Ray Photos

On Thursday, 8 September at 20.00 in the gallery of Photo club Split, Marmontova 5, an exhibition of world-renowned British artist Nick Veasey: X-Ray Photos will be opened.

Exhibition by Nick Veasey - X-Ray Photos

For the British photographer Nick Veasey, born in 1962., say that he is the atypical author, and Split audience got a chance to see his work, but also the author himself who will come to the opening of his exhibition "X-Ray Photos" in the Thursday, September 8 in the gallery Photo club Split. The author in his creation instead of conventional photographic camera uses X-ray device to whose operation exposes a variety of subjects - living and dead. While this technology is now mainly used for safety or for medical purposes, Nick very skillful uses it in artistic speech manner and translates its products into the language of art. 

"The security cameras record our every move. Signals of our cell phones can locate us at any time. The information is crucial in the fight against what you should fight. To create an art with the help of equipment and technology designed to help Big Brother to dig deeper, using some of these complicated gadgets that help the removal of freedom and individuality from our lives, to use these devices so I created beauty, make my face stretching into a smile", says Nick Veasey. 
His photographs, as written in the biography, are represented in important art collections, and can be found in museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. Nick Veasey using his photos peers and sees that is usually inaccessible to the eye, according to professionals, these are images that speak about what is behind. This is a picture that so well confirms our voyeurism, it awakens and satisfies our curiosity. 
The exhibition will be opened by British Ambassador in Croatia, David Blunt.


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