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Aug 18

Exhibition «Fracture of whiteness»

Opening of the " Fracture of whiteness " by Mirjana Batinić and Robertina Šebjanić on Thursday, 18.08.2011. at 20.00. The western part of the Diocletian Palace, 18 - 31 August.

Exhibition  «Fracture of whiteness»


Mirjana Batinic (1977., Split) is currently completing postgraduate studies of Video and New Media at Academy of Fine Arts and Design on University of Ljubljana. She was a graduate researcher at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Klagenfurt, Austria. She graduated from the Art Academy in Split. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Split. So far exhibited 14 times (Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana; Galerija Alkatraz, Ljubljana; Galerija SC, Zagreb; Galerija Karas, Zagreb; Salon Galić, Split...),and has participated in numerous group exhibitions, workshops and festivals of contemporary art (Ars Electronica, Linz; Mestna galerija, Ljubljana; Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb; Alternative Film / Video, Beograd; RRF 2006. newmediafest, Keln; Digital Art Lab, Holon, Izrael...) Twice she represented Croatia on Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, she is a member of the jury of FreeNetWorld International Film Festival in 2011. year. She pericipates in the collection DIVA - Digital Video Archive Slovenian video artists. She collaborates on LJUDMILA, laboratory for digital media and culture in Ljubljana. 

Robertina Šebjanić. (1975, Murska Sobota, Slovenia) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden. She attended the School of Applied Arts Famul Stuart, in Ljubljana. So far, exhibited 10 times (Likovni salon, Celje; Galerija Alkatraz, Ljubljana; Obalne galerije Piran: Galerija Simulaker, Novo Mesto; KiBela, Maribor...), participated in numerous group exhibitions, workshops and festivals of Contemporary Art ( Netaudio London Festival (MUTE - Short circuit festival), London; DEVICE_ART 3.009, Zagreb; Paraflows, Beč; Haip, Ljubljana; Amber, Istanbul; MFRU, Maribor...). She deals with the coordination, organization, art consulting, and curating. She worked on the book "Glossary of Slovenian Art 1945 - 2005", as an initiator and member of the artistic committee. She participates collection DIVA - Digital Video Archive Slovenian video artists. Operates within LjUDMILA, a laboratory for digital media and culture, as a program co-author and coordinator of educational and artistic programs. 

FRACTURE OF WHITNESS Dual-channel video installation, 2010. Fracture of whiteness is the name of the video installation that was created as a result of the participation of two intermedia artists, linked by their personal interest of exploring the medium of video and photos. A key role in the video installation «Fracture of whiteness» plays deliberately discovery of the structure and content, the process of assembly and developing the concept, that simultaneously include and exclude the viewer. When the viewer thinks he has understood the content, the authors will with next move (the scene, framing, editing) exclude him to the extent that he must again feel, i.e. rationalize new content he sees before him. Scenes that are arranged on two separate screenings, such as movie clips or moving pictures, are linked by the principle of broken repetition and breaking of equal elements on two screens. The visual iconography complements sound (murmur), which is built on the texture of the video. Narrativity of scenes is random and mostly depends on viewer perception and his understanding of some very personal, and on the other hand, some cliché or recognizable emotional images, such as the scattered abstraction of clouds or rational graficity of window frame. The authors manipulate the observer's perception by overlaping the emotional atmosphere with production facts, at the same time allowing sufficient time for each scene to develop, as well as plenty of mind space to the observer to determine his own relationship to the seen. The authors also stress the importance of complete independence of their project from the philosophical and theoretical interpretations. Rather, their project is essentially an emotional video, irrational training ground of impressions, similar to the unpredictable medium, composed equally on unpredictable empathy of the viewer. Fracture of whiteness is a project of two subjectivities, in which both authors retain their individual artistic positions, following their own interests and fusing them in unpredictable result. Emotional interaction with the audience, the spatial definition of the installation, intersubjectivity, which are established through exchanging impressions of both authors and playing with technology, media, are the basis for this project that culminates in an attractive, esthetic and subtle, and on the other hand, the contemplative and associative imagination. The work was first exhibited in Alcatraz Gallery in Ljubljana, in 2010. After that it was shown at the 14th international video festival «Videomedija» at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, in Novi Sad. At the end of the year it will be displayed at the Gallery of Student center in Zagreb, and in Prima Center in Berlin, where the author will be on a residential stay.


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