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Aug 18

Exhibition of Dragana Nuić -Vučković and Nikola Vučković

Exhibition opens on 16th of August in the Salon Galić, Marmontova 3. The exhibition will last until 30th of August.

Exhibition of Dragana Nuić -Vučković  and Nikola Vučković


Dragana Nuić-Vučković is born in 1965. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, interdisciplinary study of painting and art history at the Faculty of Philosophy. Postgraduate study of painting at the Academy she has finished at Academy of fine arts in Sarajevo. She is member of Croatian Association of Arts Split, Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Artists and Association of Artists En Face. She had 36 solo exhibitions and participated in 260 group exhibitions at home and abroad, and has won several professional awards for drawing and painting. She is assistant professor at the methodology course at the Academy of Fine Arts at University of Mostar. 

Nikola Vučković was born in Metkovic in 1956. He has finished school of Applied Arts in Split, and graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in 1980. He is member of Croatian Association of Arts Split, Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Artists and Association of Artists En Face. He had 40 solo exibitions, and participated in over 300 group exhibitions at home and abroad. He is the author of 18 public monuments and statues in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he has received several professional awards for drawing and sculpture. He is full-time professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts at University of Mostar. 

What's behind the seemingly happy, spontaneous, playful and benign childish drawings of Nuić-Dragana Vuckovic? How much time is required to observe her pictures to realize, that before us is a complex artistic sensibility which roots are in neo-expressionism and existentialism, in the primary instincts and impulses that reach to the furthest layers of the subconscious? Perhaps some topics is much easier to present through poetics of so-called naive child drawings, where some of the deepest existential fears wear mask on the surface of drawing, through the ludic negation and infantile regression. The painting of this type is here in the function of the revolutionary strategy of the artist, who thus wants to attract the viewer to enter into spontaneous mental and emotional field of her painting ... We could use different interpretation of the oeuvre of Dragana Nuić-Vučković, her paintings are memento telling us of our whole lifetime continuous search for personal freedom, storing in ourselves an element of rebellion, but also childish, sincere and creative component that sets us apart from adults emotional zombies, anaesthetized obedients of society without a shred of self-consciousness ... The author systematically works on her authentic painting share, in a similar chaotic and existentially uncertain time which marked the end of the 5th decade in Europe, catching without any calculations these same schizoid and disturbing emotional-mental frequencies, with no desire to close eyes and get mired in oasis of decorative abstraction. 

The meeting with Nikola Vuckovic drawings from the series of drawings «Summer on the island» is, at first glance, joyous and attractive. The eye almost immediately starts flirting game with Nikola's summer motifs, lazy bathers glued to hot sandy soil. And even then, in the gaze of the superficial observer everything seems clear, because Vučković is a master of drawing and figuration, juicy and attractive in style, and in color so lavish that his drawings are hard to resist. When we think we have understood, sensed, and even experienced Vučković "Summer on the island", in front of us opens the right, honest, deep and expertly tailored visual story ... The cycle of drawings is wrapped in the mantle of artistic excellence. The artist skillfully avoids repetition, no matter how the totality cycles is compositionally similar, each character is treated with special attention. Vučković gives his bathers the personality, dresses them in colorful costumes, points out their rumpled feet and wide opened arms. Drawings without a banal puns, witty and almost childishly pure, impose selection of felt-tip pen as a logical subject taken from the school pencil boxes ... While drawing implies a reduction to line and absence of color, Nikola offers a rich picture of the tiny strokes and very carefully emphasised details in which he dresses half naked bodies. On his drawings, you may find flat ball, Dalmatian dog, and some couple in love ecstasy, all balansed by good civilian taste. Nikola found his way with the guardians of morality, even if he has not observed summer joys with child eyes, he brought them to painting surface by sovereign knowledge of human nature and fine art.


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