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Jul 27

Exhibition of Miljenko Stančić

For this re-acquaitance exhibit in Split we decided to put together several telling Stančić paintings from collections in northwestern Croatia...

Exhibition of Miljenko Stančić

Exhibition of our great painter under name "Magic whisper" is opened in the Old City Hall at People's Square (Pjaca). In the exhibition catalog author Lidija Plavec Butković states, representing his works from 1954 to 1973, i.e. almost his entire artistic opus. During his al too short life(1926-1977),
Stančić used his abudance of energy to shape and present his unmistakable style combining the metaphorical aspect of surrealism with magical and metaphysical elements, infusing that with symbolism and baroque tones and material aspects of art informel.
The exhibit features almost the themes present in the artist s opus, some of which were his obsesion from the early day, and other representing his later, more mature works. In idealized and reality-filled auto-biographical family scenes walks by the railroad and levitations above the Old Town, we can spot the young Miljenko himself, but also his imaginary brother.Thus begins the cycle of a lonely, quaint boy, a small being figting for survival, rebirth and renewal...
 In a way, the motif of this child leaving foreshadowed the painter is  passing which would soon follow.This happened on 13 May 1977,when Stančić has 51.
We console ourselves in what he left us : his painting, which carry whispered voices from within his soul, and which he transformed using the magic of his gifted palette.


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