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Sep 5

Exhibition of the painter Ante Kaštelančić

Monographic exhibition of the painter Ante Kaštelančić (Podstrana, 1911. - Split, 1989.), on Thursday, 8th of September, opens the fall exhibition season of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb.

Exhibition of the painter Ante Kaštelančić

The exhibition, which will last until 9th of October, will present about one hundred works that make up the entire cross section of the artist's rich creativity. Painting of Ante Kaštelančić was last time largely presented in far 1966. g. in Split, so the centenary of the birth of this very important Croatian painter of second half of 20th century is motive and opportunity for his works to be presented thoroughly to professional and general public. 

Native land, Split and Dalmatia, was the center of Kaštelančić painting and from it came the whole painter's opus determining him as most outstanding and most genuine painter of Dalmatia. 
However, Kaštelančić has by his individual and distinctive colors and duct outgrown the proincial boundaries of native Poljica determining his opus by relevant factor of the overall considerations of Croatian modern art, and giving one of the greatest contributions to the Mediterranean section of our painting. Although his themes are of homeland, Kaštelančić is an outgrowth of classical European tradition of modernity models such as Van Gogh and Soutine, and akin in its mature stage, to Kline and Soulages. His painting during his whole life will be characterized by ambiguity of painting language. 
On the one hand, anxious expressionist move of heavy spread intense coloured paint, on the other hand continuous effort of reduction of seen through compositional texture of verticals and horizontals. He began to study painting with Emanuel Vidovic. His education continued in Munich since 1926. until 1930. and he graduated in 1935. the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of Ljubo Babić. 
He founded the department of Fine Arts at the Pedagogical Academy in Split, where he was a full professor since 1947. until 1977. The exhibition is realized in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Split and the Municipality of Podstrana.


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