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Aug 26

Exhibition "Time after" in MKC

The exhibition is opened in Split Multimedia Cultural Center. This is a group exhibition of Croatian and British artists of the younger generation.


This international project presents the works made by Croatian and British authors, and the right to participate had those artists who have graduated in the last 5 years, who have exibited before and provided some news and quality in the gallery spaces. 

The author of the exibition concept is the artist Emanuela Santini, preface to the catalog and the selection is signed by art historian Sabina Salamon, and gallery exhibition is signed by sculptor Lara Badurina. 
The exhibition was in May, this year presented in the gallery Kortil in Rijeka. The artists and their works in various art media (from the physical installations, paintings and graphics to photographies) were selected through a public tender, and the right to participate have all the artistic creators with a degree in education (bachelor, master or doctorate) in the last five years. Preferred were the authors, who in their recent work brought a certain novelty and quality in the gallery space, though - judging by a selected, the greater attention of artists is paid to the theme of landscape, it was said at the opening of a very interesting, and not very visited project. 
This, unfortunately, is nothing new, but it seems that dislocation of the Youth House, where Multimedia Cultural Center is situated, refuses lazy Split audience despite the fact that precisely in this area occur most interesting projects.

Vesna Božanić Serdar


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