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2. wolrld war

06.04.1941.above Split arose Italian warplanes and with bombing of city announced the beginning of new conquest policy towards Dalmatia

On 15.04.2011 motorized convoy entered the Split. 5 days earlier in Zagreb, the Independent State of Croatia. was declared. After the capitulation of Italy, Ante Pavelic declared the annulment of the Treaty of Rome. Dalmatia and Gorski Kotar area, which was ceded to Italy, officially became part of the NDH (except Istria, Rijeka and Kvarner, who before the war were part of Italy, though Pavelic hoped that the Germans would consede him rule over them ). [Missing source]. At first, effective government has been taken over by National Liberation Movement, then the Germans suppress the partisan units and occupy most of the territory. They left only some civilian functions to NDH. In the fall of the 1944. partisans attack and the greater part of Dalmatia came under the rule of NOP. Croatia encyclopedia concisely says about the historical role of the NDH: "The state that is on 10.4.1941.st ,on behalf of the Ustash leader Ante Pavelic declared by Slavko Kvaternik, appeared as a discontinuity in relation to the former baseline of Croatian political affiliation, but soon also as a betrayal of aspirations of the Croatian people for an independent state, because its existence and survival was tied with the will and the destiny of Germany's allies. "(Volume 4, 2002). Partisans have finally liberate Split on 26th of October 1944.