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Greek name for this plant is aspalathos (ασπάλαθος).


Presumably in the place of today’s centre of town still in antique times existed settlement Aspalathos/Spalatos (greek). The origin of its name derives from brnistra, (žuka, lat. Calicotome villosa) plant that abudandly grows in Split and its suburb. Her name in Greek is asphalatos. In Middle Age papers and in many documents town is called Spalatum, and Italian derivative is Spalato. 

Croatian name was Split, and during 19th c. Spljet, than it was again changed in today’s name. According to other theory, by Thomas Arcidiaconus, name of town is derived from latin word for Diocletian palace(palatium=S-palatium). 
Other recorderd names are: Spalatrum, Spalathron, Spalantum, Spaleta, Spalat, Spalatro