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City statute

In 1312. Split is the city enacted the statute which regulates all the fundamental aspects of city life.

Compiled by a mayor of city Perceval from Fermo, in which the celebrating of St.Domius Day on 7th of May is imposed. On Split patron fair day (fjera, fešta) the procession, various competitions, and trading took place.Statut also prohibits felling on Marjan (which at that time was called mons Serenade) and nominates two guards to take care of it. In Split, the money of small valueis minted, it is called BAGATIN or according to the inscription on it SPALATIN, The statute is written in Latin and there are different transcripts. One of transcripts was written on parchment and is kept in the Split City Museum. It was completely transcribed in 1395 by Split citizen brother Michael.