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Aug 4

For Europe ready

On Saturday, on 6th of August, under 57th Split Summer Festival, Arijana Čulina will perform, on Carrarina poljana, her monodrama "For Europe, ready" .

For Europe ready

To originally planned performance starting at 21.00, due to the large interest of the audience is added a second, which will begin at 23.000. Even in 2005. Arijana Čulina published a book of satirical columns called "For Europe, ready '. Thanks to all sorts of scandals, blockades, generals, and the courts, the same title is actual still today. Her own collection, popular local actress and writer retailored in monodrama, performing it by herself. Čulina's columns follows her former television appearances in the role of Goga Bjondina (Goga, the Blondine op.p.) and give a humorous critique of the Croatian society and political events. As the author herself says, her collection of social chronicles is not a serious book, though written about terribly serious problems, but it is not humorous, though a man could smile by heart. It does not talk about specific cases nor denounce any specific person, but describes the general principles and relationships within the Croatian society and destiny's bond of our little cosmos, with the inscrutable, mystified Europe. The play is, at least in form, a continuation of previous Čulina's monodrama 'What every woman should know about those things, "and is intended for fans of her fiction, who would rather laugh than mourn over the absurdities of everyday life.


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