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Aug 8

Fractal Phallus Theatre-Judith

Marulićeva "Judith" will be performed on 12th of August at the amphitheater of the Youth House in the interpretation of Fractal Phallus Theatre.

Fractal Phallus Theatre-Judith

From the workshop of Split Fractal phallus Theatre comes the play confusing by title, but able to intrigue audience of 57th Split Summer Festival - "Judith". Marulić "Judith" in their interpretation will be performed on 12th of August at the amphitheater of the Youth House. 

By selection of contemporary and provocative, but also the classic dramas, director of drama programme Senka Bulić showed not only courage, but also the cultural width, which Split Drama has long been missing. - Judith is contemporary theatrical play, whose concept is based on review of Marulić original, in the ideological and dramatic terms, say Fractal people. 
The text has been reduced to fragments, and the dramaturgy is the reverse of the classic. The viewer is asked to take a stand, to change position, to participate in the show, either with pleasure or disgust, announces this Split alternative theater group. Set design is reduced to symbolic, video takes over the function of lighting, dramaturgy is dependent on the musical rhythm of the play - except the very end of the play, which allows the viewer to determine his own desired end, which is not recommending to conservative audience, since the goal is emotional and aesthetic blackmail of the audience, done by itself. - The goal is the transfer of energy from the ensemble to the audience, without prejudicing the final effect, but with a strong condemnation of violence as a marketing product and condemnation of a lie as a state of consciousness. 
Or, in somewhat more direct language of dramatist of play Srecko Kosovel: "... Judith was a whore, and we understand her sins, and redemption to happen, things should be placed in the current context. Holofernes was paid to kill in socially acceptable way, which is a metaphore for all of you who are excited, who with a passion of voyeur-necrophiles watch the world on television, letting go the splendor that is currently taking place around you. Violence is justified, as long as it is properly presented in media, tribes they want us to join are steeped in the blood. Nonetheless, we humbly accept the grim logic of capital and confront her our love. Judith, one that sleeps in you all, should get up, move out from your most comfortable position, and bravely spit on devil's tongue, or in God's face. In our story, the solution of this problem lies in you, and you, our viewers, are tailors of everyday horror. " 
Directed by Hrvoje Cokarić, dramaturgy is signed by Srečko Kosovel, Nela Sisarić has signed choreography, scenography Milena Meštrović, Nevena Cokarić Brstilo costumes, music is by Bastard C and Ruzina Frankulin, video Marin Zorić. 
"Judith" was produced by XKONTAKTA, performed by team from Fractal phallus theater, which, more than 17 years, is dealing with contemporary theater and performance in Split. The roles are played Nataša Pavlov, Franko Bušić, Nino Bokan, Boris Kadin and Renato Vidaković. Fractal Phallus Theatre (FFT), founded in 1994. in Split, mainly works on plays and performances based on physical theater permeated by the impact of high technology. 
Thematicly it is engaged, whether the stimulus is social, environmental, communicational, religious or political.


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