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Aug 8

Goksin Sipahioglu exhibition

Gökşin Sipahioglu, the most famous Turkish photojournalist of all time, will be presented on Sunday, 7th of August, in the gallery «Photo Club Split» by exhibition "The Best Of".

Goksin Sipahioglu exhibition

Sipahioglu, one of the biggest names in news photography in general, exhibits under the 57th Split Summer Festival. The founder of the news agency Sipa Press, based in New York and Paris, was born in Izmir in 1926., he studied journalism at the University of Istanbul, and today is known as the "sultan of news photography." 

 Although his long career began with shooting sports, the first successes he obtained with photographs of wounded soldiers in the Egyptian Sinai desert, during the Israeli-Egyptian war, presenting himself as talented life photographer. 
 In his biography it is written that he was the first photojournalist who entered the communist Albania, that in 1961. he was the only Western correspondent in Havana during the Cuban Missile Crisis, not in prison nor under police surveillance. Beside that, he was the first to get visa for China before its Cultural Revolution. In 1968. he recorded the student riots in Paris, and in 2003. was given medal by the French Ministry of Culture, in 2006. he received themedal of Legion of Honor, and recently in Turkey, was awarded for significant activities abroad. 
The author himself, with his wife Phyllis Springer, is coming to the opening of the exhibition, which represents 55 years of his rich career.


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