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Sep 6

'Magic whisper' by Miljenko Stančić till 15th of September

The exhibition by Miljenko Stančić (1926. -1977.) called 'Magic whisper" set in the gallery of the Old City Hall, could be still visited till 15th of September.

'Magic whisper' by Miljenko Stančić till 15th of  September

There are 36 exposed paintings, those among the most valuable achievements in the rich opus of Miljenko Stancic. The exhibition featured works from private collections of family Stančić, Horvat collection, collection Vugrinec, family Lojen, as well as the holdings of the Zagrebačka banka dd Zagreb and Collection of Miljenko Stančić owned by city of Varaždin. 

The specificity of this exhibition is that the consumers of culture and lovers of Stančić opus, as well as all other interested parties, will have an oportunity to enjoy in watching the works of this painter from Varaždin. Until 1967., when Miljenko Stančić has, in his solo exhibition, for the first time introduced himself to the Split audience, his paintings have traveled almost the whole world, and many of them, with their specific personal artistic expression, have attracted fans of art and for all times remained scattered over all continents. 
For this Split exhibition, we have collected only a few of the many collections of Stančić paintings from northwestern part of Croatia, unveiling his work in period of 1954.- 1973. thus rounding off almost all of the artist's painting opus. 
During his short life (1926. - 1977), the artist has with inexhaustible, a violent energy accomplished his distinctive 'stančić-like' style, consolidating the metaphor of the magical surrealism and metaphysical elements, combined with the symbolism, all successfully linked with baroque tonal valeurs with maternity of informell. The exhibition represented almost all the topics from the artist's rich opus, and some of them have become his obsession since the earliest until the mature works. 
This certainly could be referred to motive of his native city of Varaždin, which was a fundamental inspiration for many Stančić nostalgic, harmonious geometric compositions overspread with subtle, hazy, magical dusk light. There are frequent intimate interiors with melancholic figures, subdued warm tones, irrational light, metaphysical atmosphere filled with silence. 
Next theme are harmless children's games, with small children of wax lids, then carnival motive, with little masked beggars and small crowned children, surreal and dreamy card players in tatters ... in empty rooms, at tables with no legs, covered with white cloth, are resting fragile, ethereal, delicate and slender saintly female figures ... Near the empty tables are placed sitting bohemian groups, with a silent guitar without strings, shrouded in silence ... Arise the cycle of touching, mysterious lovers, embracing and beautiful, but lame, cold corpses wrapped with dreamcatching, profound silence and solitude ... We can follow the motives from the railway station curled in the fog and steam, with groups of dark and heavy human figures ...
In the ideal and actual autobiographical, family-genre scenes, walking along the tracks, levitations over the old city, there is little Miljenko and his imaginary brother. Begins a cycle of a lonely, strange Boy, little creature who keeps inside himself the desire for survival, rebirth and renewal ... in a symbolic way, the motive of the child predicts the imminent departure of the painter. 
This happened on 13th of May 1977. in 51st year of the artist's life. But Staničić has left us paintings, from which we eavesdrop the whisper that steams from the deepest depths of the artist's being, brought to us by magic of his wonderful palette.


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