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Aug 1

Exhibition of Matko Trebotić

Trebotić for the first time in its forty years long art work presents his sculpture cycle.

Exhibition of Matko Trebotić

: I do not believe in inspiration, I believe in talent.
I do permanently believe that man has a particular gift which must be followed by hard physical work, such as farmers do in the olive grove. I do not see any sensation in that. For me, this is actually quite a logical way. Some will say that it is hyperproduction, but it is not. 
All these things have been experienced. Mestrovic as inspiration, is like talking about Split without Marjan. «He is just there, kind of vertical that inspires» said the prominent artist from Split, Matko Trebotić at the exibition opening in Meštrović's Church of St. Cross in Crikvine. Exhibition of 15 sculptures called "Mystical spaces, habitats, memorials, shrines," can be visited up to 11h of September. 
Trebotić for the first time in its forty years long art work presents his sculpture cycle. In Europe he is known as a prolific painter, with occasional successful realization of sculptures, and this time fully dedicated to sculpture in bronze. Exhibition is curated by Andro Krstulović Opara, head-master of the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery in Split and Milan Beslić, head-master of Cultural Information Center in Zagreb. - «As an art historian, I observe Matko Trebotić through three complementary polarities. This is the polarity of tradition and modernity, then of native and universal, and, at the end, of material and spiritual» said at the opening of the exhibition Peter Selem. 
«Trebotić surprises by modernity of artistic expression, and particular value of the cycle is confirmed by successful dialogue with Mestrovic anthologic cycle of wooden reliefs depicting the life of Christ, the Passion and Resurrection, which occupies a prominent place in European works of religious art of the 20th century. 
 - This exhibition is a fascinating example of reaching spiritual through material. But, important to me and most impressive is that contemplation with Mestrović's works. At a time when cheap political provocation is offered, we can choose whether we like that or this , in spitual terms, offered by Matko Trebotić» said Petar Selem. - «We got a unique and rounded cycle that dominantly marks Trebotić rich artistic biography. In addition, we received valuable sculpture unit of religious themes that did not occur as a result of orders but as the eruption of the creative artist desires. We got the privilege of enjoying in the true work of art and dialogue between two artists, one living and one deceased, but so present among us. 
To establish a dialogue at the level of sacred, religious themes is a great effort, and there is Matko Trebotić confirmed as great artist who, despite the fact that he is known to public as painter, showed talent of sculptor. By this he came close, not only in theme, formatit and message, to Mestrović, but also to transcendental and mystical», concluded Andro Krstulović Opara. 


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