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Jul 30

14th Motovun film festival

Last night 14th Motovun Film Festival was completed, although it should have been 13th in order, because of the unfortunate number, the organizers have switched it to upper number.

14th Motovun film festival

The festival finished with film "Perfect sense" directed by David Mackenzie, at the same time jury member. After that projection, at midnight began the awards, with the proclamation of the winners of «Incorruptible award ", which is, in collaboration with Transparency International, always given to film that deals with corruption, and this year Dimitar Mitovski got it for his film" London mission " as well as writer and screenwriter Alek Popov. Short Film Award, or better said Motovun short, this year got Zachary Treitz for his work "We're leaving" and it was handed to him by last year's winner Chris Niemeyer. FIPRESCI Prize was awarded to director Marcelino Islas Hernandez for his film "Martha", who has via video link adressed the audience, expressing his disbelief that his little film managed to find its way to the Croatia. Bauer Award , three films fought for "Father," "Asphalt Mother" and "Tilva Roš", in the amount of 5,000 euros went to Nikola Ležaić for his film "Tilva Roš." The main prize, now famous "Propeller of Motovun," got film "Bullhead" by Michael R. Roskam, who has convincingly presented the survey of alienation of humanity from nature. The same jury, composed of Agnes Koscis, David Mackenzie and Vanja Černjul, specially rewarded Stephane Lafleur and his "Familiar Ground", as it has in original way displayed human relationships with a lot of sensitivity and irony. Award ceremony was followed by traditional Motovun toast, and one of the festival directors, Igor Mirkovic, declared the festival closed and wished all to meet in one year at same place. At the very end 1000th Motovun film, "Pina 3D" by Wim Wenders is projected.


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