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Sep 13

'New Look Croatia' by Boris Ljubičić in Split

On Wednesday, 14 September at 17.30 am in gallery of University Library in Split opens the exhibition “ New Look Croatia

'New Look Croatia' by Boris Ljubičić in Split

The exhibition introduces the concept of complete visual identity of the Croatian, in which the author of more than 200 projects created last 20 years, advocates an entirely new visual code of our country. 

A number of implemented author’s projects will be presented: the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of European Integration, HRT, HTZ, HAK, Lexicographic Institute Miroslav Krleza, Matica Hrvatska, Zagreb Fair, CRO-SKI; Croata kravata, the Croatian tennis association, etc., and visitors will have the opportunity to see some unsolicited unrealized projects such as project of the state flag (July 1990). then the Croatian currency (invited competition, 1993.) and Croatian passport. 

 Many of the works have been internationally awarded, exhibited, published and evaluated as a Croatian visual identity like Japanese, Swiss, etc., isolated and perceived as an original and distinctive in the global world of design and visual communications. 

Before the opening of the exhibition New Look Croatia, Boris Ljubicic will give an lecture in which he will explain, and, using a large number of examples, show what should be the visual identity of a country and how to realize on for Croatia. 
The exhibition was in January set up in Zagreb, in the Croatian designers society rooms.


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