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Jul 28

Sarajevo Film Festival

The first Festival was held in the besieged city under the bombshells, and during ten years it has developed into the most important regional film festival .

Sarajevo Film Festival

The most important determinant of the Sarajevo festival is Regional program, during which are, for the first time, shown films by authors from close and distant Bosnia and Herzegovina neighbors. It aims to stress out the quality and vitality of regional production, to improve the promotion and distribution of these films on European market. Panorama is category that combines mainstream and avantgarde in the film industry, live action and documentary films are also projected. Their common characteristic is that they are provocative in content and innovative in form. New streamways, by film selection, wish to affect the film viewer habits and gather works of authors, who brake the norms of film media and examines the borders of watching. The interesting part of the Festival is Children's program with a list of animated and featured movies. Besides being a unique social project in BiH, which strives to bring together children from two existing ethnicity, this program is, according to the number of visitors, the largest children's festival in the world. The audience by voting choose the best film, and an international jury awards prizes for best debut film, the best European short film from the Regional Program and New Currents. Prizes are cash, amounting to 10 -15 thousand euros. Unlike the major festivals where, in centre of attention are movie stars, blockbuster movies and showoff awards, Sarajevo is one of the few places where mostly prized are the films themselves. That spirit devotedly strive to maintain not only organizers, but the large audience as well.


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