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Jul 31

Sketches from the history of the Split Pjaca

Pjaca was the center and it witnessed the most significant events the city went through.

Sketches from the history of the Split Pjaca

From the building of Old city hall our ancestors ruled the city as an independent municipium in the 13th and 14th c., in 1420. flag of St. Marc was hosted on it, it flaunted till 1797. On arrival of French to our coast in 1806., the new government adopted a new flag, but by 1815, Austrian eagle spred his wings over Pjaca. 

When on 9th of October 1882. Italian community in Split fell down, the town hall has finally began to flutter Croatian flag. Square was first mentioned as "Platea Sancti Laurentii" in 1255. according to name of saint set on church, in 1267. arises the name Split Square (Platea Spalati) which is in fact the same square. 
Name Gentlemen Square (Piazza dei Signori) was first mentioned in records from 1675. During 19.c. it is often called the Square of arms (Piazza delle armi), only in 1913. it gained today's name People's Square in memory of the populists Split. During the Second World War, the square was called the Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle II, and after that Square of Ante Pavelic.
During the 19th and early 20th c., when many peasants from the vicinity visited the Square, scheduling meetings "under Štandarac", while the citizens called it "under the clocks", also known by name «hollow stone measures» according to wheat measures put in front of the Duke's Palace. 

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