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Oct 23

The exibition by Nika Radić

"In passing" is the title of the exhibition of the artist Nika Radić which will be opened on Thursday, the 13th October in Multimedia Cultural Centre.

The exibition by Nika Radić

The artist decided to introduce herself with a kind of trinity, as her work consists of three parts. The one on the ground floor is a 'multi-channel video installation "In passing" designed specifically for MKC interior, and deals with the theme of travel as a certain intermediate state of life.

'On the floor of the gallery there is a series of digital prints entitled "Biography" in which the author deals with the areas in which she stayed during her life, and the installation of "In passing" is located in the main gallery space, and consists of multiple video projections which show scenes shot through the windows of transport vehicles which the author had regularly taken. 
 If the first two parts of 'Trinity' are just for watching, the third part of Nika Radić story tries to involve the visitors. In this communication between the artist - an observer, she has created the possibility that the visitor, as in waiting rooms at railway stations, sit and look out the window, listening to the sounds of the next station announcements, and perhaps, as during the real travel, surreptitiously watching each other. 

- For years in my work I deal with the problem of understanding. The issue of communication in daily life is often a topic, especially when people move from one context to another, where it becomes increasingly difficult to understand, the common is getting less. Perhaps that is why it often seems to me that we can learn more about the world we live , from observing traveler next to us who is in the subway reading a message on her cell phone, and snicker, than from listening political discussions on the news, says the author Nika Radić. 

 Vesna Božanić Serdar


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