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Jul 29

Tragicomic Cyclops

There is a time of tragedy. There is a time for comedy. Buljan's plays Cyclops offers you time for something in between.

Tragicomic Cyclops

The only preserved Euripides satyric drama «Cyclops» directed by Ivica Buljan and adapted by Goran Ferenčec, is premiere pageant of the text which, because of its genre ambiguity, always lacked the brave ones. 

These few announcementlines were interesting enough for 'brave ones' to reach amfitheater of Youth Center in Split to attend the premiere of Euripides' Cyclops" directed by Ivica Buljan and performed by Scene Gorica and alternative band from Rijeka «Let 3». 
Based on the famous episode from the ninth singing of Homer's Odyssey, Euripides satyric drama Cyclops today can be accepted as a genre that emphasizes both the moral weakness of individual by ironizing it, revealing the hypocrisy of time by relativising it, and at the same time it criticizes society by satire justifying its weaknesses. - Comeback to Split, in the Youth Center, where I worked «Baš Beton», «Oedipus» and «Garage», comeback to city that mean everything to me and that makes me sad me because its degradation followed desintegration of my past. Cyclops is here in its natural place. It provokes babbitt taste and despises the Catholic lie. 
Cyclops is a tribute to the carnal, sunny Split, free-spirited, crazy and creative, said Buljan who signed the piece that is on the border between comedy, tragedy and satire without the lofty and divine beings, with no big true revelations, but full of travesty, parody, and loud dance. Euripides «Cyclops» with help of band «Let 3» became a spectacle that calls for a theatrical event in which you have always wanted to participate.
 Although the play of Scene Gorica won the Grand Prix Award for Best Performance in Small Scene Theatre Festival in Rijeka, in Split, near the end, part of audience left the show in a huff, which is allowed, if the door does not bang on leaving. It does not matter whether because of « Let 3», nudity or opened taboos, Buljan's «Cyclops» got a long and loud applause. 
Led by young actor Marko Cindrić, experienced Fran Mašković and energetic member of «Let 3» Zoran Prodanovic Prlja, the Dionysian orgies participatie young and talented actors and dancers and students of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Costume design is signed by Ana Savić Gecan, scenery by Ivan Fijolić scenery and lighting design by Niksa Mrkonjić.


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