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Oct 18

Zorba the Greek at the Croatian National Theatre

After a successful premiere at this year's Split Summer Festival, the ballet "Zorba the Greek" will be premiered on stage of Split Theatre. On Tuesday, 18 October, starting at 20h.

Zorba the Greek at the Croatian National Theatre

Ballet Theatre Split to the familiar music by Mikis Theodorakis, and choreographed by Hungarian choreographer István Herczog, will revive one of the greatest heroes of 20th century literature, Zorba, by the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis. Performances as part of the National Theater Split programme are scheduled every day from 18th to 22nd of October, starting at 20.00. 

'Zorba the Greek "is a story about the Mediterranean homo ludens who, using his brilliant philosophy of life and rhythm of dance sirtaki, is trying to make better a reality of small Greek village: to multiply the joy, and to share the grief. Originated as a novel (1946) by Nikos Kazantzakis, the real popularity gained as a film (1964.) with Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas, and enchanting music by Mikis Theodorakis.
 Alexis Zorba is a great figure in world literature. Upon publishing of the novel, one critic wrote that he was a hero who "like the Odyssey or Don Quixote who throws on the world bigger shadow than the one the world throws at him”. 

To live as if you were to die the next minute, to ovrecomr with unyielding optimism the most difficult personal tragedies, those are the life lessons that Zorba gives to his young friend, writer John. All this is brilliantly sublimated in the final sirtaki dance, the symbol of final victory of life over death, so it was to be expected that after the success of the novel and film, the story of Zorba will be transformed in the medium of ballet. When Theodorakis finally decided to write music for ballet, another exceptional work was created. Premiered in 1988. in the Arena di Verona in Italy, it has, since then, undergone numerous and vivid choreographies successfully inspired by blazing Theodorakis music. The chance to see one of these impressive musical and theatrical creation, had the audience at the Prokurative, under the open sky, during 57th Split Summer performed by ballet and opera ensemble of Split Theatre , under the leadership of the Hungarian choreographer István Herczog and conductor from Split Hari Zlodre. This time, Split Ballet will dance without live orchestral accompaniment. The guests will rotate in the title role. 

At 18th October in the premiere the Zorba role will be interpreted by Azamat Nabiullin, champion of the Ballet Theatre of Zagreb, on 19th October Dutch dancer Sytze Jan Luske, soloist of the Ballet of the Slovenian National Theatre from Maribor. In the role of writer John appears Artyom Žusov and Alan Alberto, and widow Marina shall be played by Irina Čaban and Elena Nikolayev. 

The role of Madame Hortense will embody Albina Rahmatullina and other solo roles shall be played by Igor Gluškov, Remus Dimache, Dmitry Rodikov and Monica Dinoni, Korana Bilan, Jeva Karpilovska, Simona Caputo and Vladimir Shuvalov.


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